May 2020 Release Notes

May was yet another busy month for bug fixes and new features shipped to production. We’ve enabled streamlined experiences for point-of-sale experiences and fixed many bugs. We’ve also created an integration with AdRoll and overall made the system much faster with vast performance improvements across the entire platform. June will have additional major changes for point-of-sale and other long-requested features.

someone ideating on a white board with comps

Account Updates

  • Operators can now bypass checkout and go straight to review during purchase if items have no questions and no optional add ons
  • Purchases made now go directly to transaction details page (except for POS mode)
  • Ability for an operator to create draft invoices, edit existing invoices, and delete invoices
  • New dashboard widgets: top five payment tags
  • Support for thermal receipt printing (both 3.125-inch and 2.25-inch stock)
  • New filtering options for product display for added performance
  • POS Mode: a user can operate in a streamlined experience for point-of-sale situations (like a ticket booth)
  • Optimized print view of manifest
  • Optimized ability to print boarding passes from transaction details screen
  • Fixed an issue where refunds were showing as an error when operator had insufficient funds available for refund
  • Fixed a bug where taxes were not recalculating properly when editing existing purchases
  • Fixed an issue where outstanding balances were sometimes unable to be paid
  • Corrected the customers report to no longer list “Not Provided” data in customers report
  • General performance, resiliency, and security enhancements

Booking and Embedding Updates

  • The invoice experience has now been aligned with the standard review step during checkout
  • Scheduled events with “Select a Date” questions now show in the calendar download on those dates
  • Fixed an issue where translations were sometimes showing the incorrect language to a user
  • Fixed an issue with the “Name” data point on PDF tickets
  • Fixed an issue with customer notice on embedding experience sometimes showing when not loaded
  • Fixed a display issue where price options were not appearing properly on larger screens
  • General performance and security enhancements

General Platform Updates

  • Operators that sell tickets (i.e. no questions or add-ons) now automatically receive a streamline experience for both customer and operator
  • Support for AdRoll tracking
  • Fixed several bugs around voucher campaign functionality
  • Resiliency and security enhancements

AdRoll Tracking Integration

adroll logo

TRYTN has a new tracking integration with AdRoll. With AdRoll tour and activity operators can easily retarget users who have viewed products, added products to carts, and those who have made a purchase. With AdRoll they the operator can also advertise to these users which have a higher chance of converting to an order.

Setup is easy within TRYTN. Once you have your AdRoll account simply create a pixel and create your Fixed Audiences.  Then follow the instructions in support documentation or help text within TRYTN to connect your AdRoll account.

Editing Invoices

We have recently released the ability to edit an existing invoice. Prior to this update if you created an invoice and needed to modify the invoice you had to create a new invoice and send that new invoice to the customer.  Going forward you can edit draft, outstanding, and expired invoices.

Draft invoices? You heard that right! You can now create an invoice as a work-in-progress invoice. This allows you to keep working on that invoice prior to sending to the customer. 

man with papers and a pen

When you’re ready just check the “send invoice” checkbox as part of saving your draft invoice and it will be sent to the user. 

Outstanding and expired invoices that were already sent to the user can be edited. Once updated the customer will still be able to use the sale invoice link to pay the invoice. Stay tuned as this ability to edit invoices is going to open up many new and exciting enhancements to editing transactions in the near future. 

April 2020 Release Notes

We understand how COVID-19 is affecting our clients and we want you to know we are here to help. We’re increasing the features and functionality we’re releasing so you can hit the ground running once this global pandemic is over. We squashed over 60 bugs, improved performance, and added rich and intuitive functionality to the platform so that you can sell faster, better, and smarter once you’re able to get back to work. 

someone ideating on a white board with comps

Account Updates

  • Create a new booking from an existing booking
  • Cancellation policy can now be translated
  • A new image gallery for product create, categories, and notifications
  • Ability to select a date range for affiliate details report
  • Many design and style updates
  • PayPal onboarding can now go straight to PayPal Marketplace
  • Updates to select lists to be consistent
  • Performance improvements across all reports
  • Users can now archive/delete default images
  • New dark theme available as a beta to users
  • Bug fix: during edit transaction user unable to change buyer country
  • Bug fix: navigating to a different month on availability calendar after selecting date/time was not clearing time slots and pricing
  • Fixed a major performance issue when businesses had many thousands of fields in report generator
  • Fixed a reporting bug where some affiliate commission rules were not listed
  • Fixed a bug where Authorize.NET businesses were unable to complete an edit transaction resulting in an upcharge
  • Fixed an issue where deleted items were causing an exception
  • Corrected a bug where viewing a saved report was missing “available fields” section
  • Solved a bug where activities with multiple time slots were all the same recurrence schedule
  • Fixed an issue where users with an unverified account requesting a password reset were caught in a loop
  • General performance, resiliency, and security enhancements

Booking and Embedding Updates

  • Customers can now be tracked for remarketing with Google Ads
  • Meta title from image meta is now consumed as alternate text for screen reader accessibility 
  • Terms and conditions and marketing opt-in availability on invoices
  • Adding “Loading…” for calendar, time slots, and pricing to support slower internet speeds
  • General clean up of invoices to be easier to read and clearly display outstanding balance due
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases invoice purchases were unable to be completed
  • Bug fix: navigating to a different month on availability calendar after selecting date/time was not clearing time slots and pricing
  • Corrected a bug where follow up questions, when added multiple times, were displaying multiple times
  • General performance and security enhancements

General Platform Updates

  • Stripe Terminal: support for multiple card readers
  • Asset management strategy “Allow Single Use During Set Time” has been removed to reduce confusion
  • Ability to place tax-exempt purchases
  • Businesses can be placed into “Test Mode” to allow for test transactions
  • Support for percentage-based price add ons
  • Cleaned up how service fees are calculated during refunds
  • Offer “hidden” questions for internal purchase only
  • Preference as to if required questions for customers are also required for internal purchases
  • A few bug fixes to the FareHarbor and Peek Pro data import tools
  • Fixed a bug where in certain cases an edited transaction with saved customer information was bleeding into new internal purchases
  • Resiliency and security enhancements

Creating New Orders from Existing Order Data

Recently we announced support for saving customer payment information through Stripe. As a natural extension to this functionality we are now supporting the ability to create a new order from previous order. Any order, even those without payment information saved, can now have a new order created from it. The customer information is automatically-applied to the cart that you will build for them. 

customer entering credit card information into computer while holding a credit card

If the customer also has saved payment methods the order can be paid using one of those saved payment methods. Whether they do or don’t, they can also be paid via invoice, new payment method, Stripe Terminal, or as a manual add. This should make it very easy for repeat customers to re-book with your tour or activity company in the future. In the future weeks and months we will continue to build out this functionality to be even more robust and feature-rich. 

Google Ads Remarketing Support

google ads logo

TRYTN has supported a conversion-tracking integration with Google Ads for years now. However until very recently remarketing was not something that was supported. However, we are very excited to announce support for remarketing campaigns within Google Ads also. To activate simply check the “Enable remarketing tracking” under your Google Ads tracking settings. Potential customers who view product details pages but don’t convert can then be targeted to ads.