Ten New Graphical Dashboard Widgets

dashboard showing graphs in widgets

We recently added another new set of dashboard widgets to help tour and activity operators learn about how their operation is performing and be able to make decisions. This collection of ten new widgets are the first widgets available that utilize pie and bar charts to graphically display data. 

You can now see graphs regarding orders and revenue by product type, by country, and by language. These are just the start of an even more advanced and powerful dashboard experience.

Embedding Redesign Details

Today I an excited to announce a new version of our embedded booking experience and wanted to share what to expect and what’s new in this new version. 

We’ve completely rewritten the entire embedded experience, using what was learned from the previous version as well as client and customer feedback to produce this new, even more streamlined experience

redesign wireframes

Overall we’ve cleaned up the appearance of the experience dramatically which should make it easier for customers to use and book. The entire objective is to get your customers to book and to book direct so we’ve made it easier for them to do just that. The cart is easier to find and easier to see what is in your cart currently. Likewise, it’s even easier to select the language you wish to use, as well as alternate between languages easily. 

Product Grid

Like on the booking experience, the product grids have been cleaned up and showcase images more than text. The sub-titles and short descriptions appear only when a user hovers and only on non-mobile experiences. This helps the user interact more with the imagery the business has uploaded and not overwhelmed with extra information.

It’s now easier for a customer to navigate back to a category listing and when they do, they’re also taken back to the same product type they were viewing previously. This is a much better and clearer user experience for the customer. 

Product Details

Just like on booking, the embedded product details page features a cleaned up design of the availability calendar, streamlined price and quantity selections, and an overall cleaner and easier to read details layout. Products with multiple images will still cycle in a carousel but on tablet, desktop, and wide-screen experiences the user will be able to see more images at once and not take up as much space for the images. 

Additional details like available add-ons or sub-descriptions have been moved to an accordion system to allow for more intuitive navigation and a cleaner experience. 

Purchase Path

The entire purchase path from checkout to confirmation pages have also been completely redesigned to be easier to read and navigate. Users no longer have multiple call to actions and the overall layout should make it easier for a customer to understand exactly what they are buying and what needs to happen to make a purchase. 

As always the customer has the option to print their confirmation and that view has been enhanced as well. The customer will also receive an enhanced confirmation email that is cleaner and easier to read and should help the customer find the information within their email easier. We’ve also added email schema markup so customers that use GMail should have an enhanced experience in certain situations. 

But My Experience Didn't Change...

Yes, that’s correct. Given the large nature of this change we couldn’t push this update out immediately to all clients that use the embedded experience. Instead this will be an opt-in model. We will slowly be migrating TRYTN website clients to the new experience over the coming weeks and will be reaching out to others to encourage them to update. 

The old embedded experience will persist for the time being until clients have migrated off of it. Note that we will start deprecating the old experience in the future, meaning you may not have access to new functionality as it’s released if you continue to use the old version. We’ll make sure to announce the full deprecation of the old experience before it’s fully deprecated. 

Account in your Preferred Language

Today we announce support for user languages within the account site. Starting today you are able to set your user preference (the same languages that are supported on the booking site) to view the account site in. 

You can make this change by going to My Profile and selecting the language of your choice. Once you save you will start to see the account site in the selected language.

old world map with pins where people have visited with local currencies

As this is the initial release of this functionality we currently only support English, French, and Spanish languages to actually be translated. If you select another one of our languages you will continue to experience the account site in English until we release additional translations. We hope to release the additional language support in the near future. 

Referral Program

referral program: refer and get $500

Did you know that TRYTN offers a referral bonus? If you are an active and current TRYTN client you are able to refer additional businesses to TRYTN and in return you will get $500 in credit for each referral.

To qualify the referred business needs to become an active client of TRYTN as well, so they also need to produce revenue in order for you to get credit for the referral.

How Does it Work?

There are two ways that you can refer a business to TRYTN:

  1. You can refer them directly and have them reach out to us. They need to make sure they mention the referring business during our initial conversations with them.
  2. (Recommended) Log into your TRYTN account and select Referrals on the navigation menu. From here you can see which businesses (if any) you’ve already referred as well as a unique link you can share. If someone registers an account with your unique link you will automatically be marked as the referral source for that business.

What Can I Use a Referral Credit For?

We offer many services other than online booking and reservation management. A short list of some of the things you can use your referral credits for include:

  • Custom development work
  • Google Ads consultation and set up
  • Web development work and web hours
You are not limited to only one referral. You will receive a $500 credit for each referred business as long as they are credited to you and become active clients. We do reserve the option in the future to adjust the amount of the credit as well as other limitations for this program. For the most up-to-date details please look at the Referrals section of your account, reach out to your account manager, or open a support ticket. 

January 2020 Release Notes

Welcome to the first release notes update of 2020. We’re really excited to showcase some of the features and functionality released this month.

On the account site the biggest release of note is the ability to use the system in your preferred language. For now this only available for English and Spanish, but wait for more support in the future.

On the booking side, a completely new embedded experience will start to roll out to clients in the coming weeks. 

someone ideating on a white board with comps

Account Updates

  • Ability to write a quick note on an invoice
  • Sales by month report now includes a column for outstanding balance due
  • Fixed an issue where system-generated notes on an invoice were not attached to payment record
  • You can no longer invoice a customer with a zero balance due
  • The account experience is now shown in the users preferred language (currently English and Spanish are the only supported languages)
  • Additional details by way of sub-descriptions are shown on product details pages
  • Ability to create private sub-descriptions
  • Fixes an issue where the report generator would be stuck on a “loading” screen upon encountering an error
  • Bug fix to disable to add to cart button to prevent multiple adds
  • General performance, resiliency, and security enhancements

Booking and Embedding Updates

  • Added support for Facebook pixel and Google Ads tracking on the embedded experience
  • Country selection list now alphabetical regardless of language
  • Deposit-only pricing is now more clear in purchase funnel
  • Completely new embedded experience that will be slowly rolled out to clients
  • Enhanced purchase experience for non-English customers for businesses utilizing Stripe payment gateway
  • Bug fixed where phone number auto-formatting was not working for non-US countries
  • Fixed a display issue with custom unit labels not displaying on the purchase flow
  • Fixed an issue where items in a cart that had expired could not be removed
  • Corrected a transaction identifier issue where the year was not appended to some PayPal purchases
  • Big fixed where businesses utilizing Mexican Peso currency were having issues tracking transactions
  • Fixes an issue where customers using the v2 embedded experience were unable to navigate back to cart on review
  • General performance and security enhancements

General Platform Updates

  • Enhanced the information included in Viator order confirmation emails
  • Purchase data is now submitted to Stripe for businesses that utilize Stripe as a payment gateway
  • Businesses that use Authorize.Net payment gateway can now choose if they ask for a billing address
  • Resiliency and security enhancements

Soliciting Customer Reviews

Online customer reviews, regardless of the site they’re on (Google, TripAdvisor, etc.) are extremely important to businesses. When someone is looking for an activity while on vacation, especially if it’s a large ticket price, look to reviews to learn more about your products with unbiased opinions. So just how does a business get more online reviews? Organic is great but it’s better if you ask for them!

hand holding mobile phone with google maps location pin

With TRYTN you can set up automated emails to send out a certain number of days after an activity has been consumed. Each buyer will get the email asking them to submit a review about their experience.

How it Works

Setting up your review request email is super easy. Go to Settings, then under the Communications section select Custom Communications. Click on the Add button and start designing your email. Select the Post-Activity template type and the number of days to send after the activity has been consumed. 

Once set up go back and select Assign to assign the new email template to the activities you wish to ask for reviews for. 

Best Practices

  • Send the email one to three days after activity was consumed
  • Include an intriguing subject line to encourage them to open the email
  • Use email variables to personalize the email to the customer
  • If possible provide direct links to the review sites to make it as easy and painless as possible
  • Give incentive to review (or thanks) with a promo code encouraging the review and future bookings
  • Include some text about if they were unhappy with their experience (this gives you a chance to make it right and avoid a negative review)