Virginia Introduction

Virginia Introduction

Traveling and experiencing new places has always been a passion for Virginia. Born in New York City and raised in Alabama, her love of travel began early. As a high-school student, she participated in an exchange program in Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany and was later selected for Daikin’s Homestay Program in Kobe and Osaka, Japan. After a tour of European capitals, her love of travel and adventure was fully ignited.

Virginia graduated summa cum laude with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Honors English and Theater from the University of Alabama. UA provided her with many opportunities to study abroad including New Zealand, South Africa and Greece. All of which further sparked a passion for discovering treasures and adventures around the globe. After Virginia received her bachelor’s degree, she continued her education at the University of Oxford graduating with a Master of Studies in English Literature (1700-1830).

Recently moving to Nashville to pursue a degree in Secondary Education at Vanderbilt University, Virginia is excited to experience all that Nashville has to offer. She is thrilled to be at TRYTN which combines her two greatest passions, traveling and writing and looks forward to championing TRYTN’s mission.

My name is Virginia and traveling and writing have always been passions of mine. I am thrilled to be on the TRYTN team and begin this adventure. As a traveler and researcher, I enjoy maximizing each experience by going on excursions and exploring every destination to the fullest. I understand the significance of first impressions, and as such, I would love the opportunity to study your company and ensure it shines the brightest. TRYTN is instrumental in promoting and amplifying their clients’ vision. Because of this, it is crucial for you to partner with a team that recognizes the uniqueness of your business, illuminates its qualities and ensures your vision. It is essential to relay the story of your brand and produce content that is helpful and engaging. My goal is to create high-quality content that honors, strengthens, and showcases your brand.

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