Holiday Promotions and Giveaways

Holiday Promotions and Giveaways

Holiday season is almost here! Not only do holidays spread joy and bring family and friends together, but they can also be an excellent time to increase your website traffic. Holiday promotions and giveaways are great options to do just that in addition to rewarding loyal customers and attracting new business.
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Tips for online contests

  • Keep it simple. Engagement is higher if the promo/giveaway is easy, do not create a complicated or lengthy process.
  • Digital marketing is important. Use attractive images, videos, and a fun design that shows your company’s personality.
  • Use social media. Advertise and get your audience excited about the promotional opportunity. Contests and giveaways are great ways to employ social media.
  • Make the prize relevant. Consider the prize/promo that would have the greatest impact on your target audience while remaining consistent with your branding and destination goals.
Different kinds of Promotions
  • Gift Certificates/Gift Cards
    • Offer gift certificates on your website, especially if you have “off seasons.” Gift cards allow customers to buy an experience for their loved ones without committing to a date or even a specific experience. For more information on how to create Gift Certificates with TRYTN click here.
  • Holiday Promo Codes
    • Start your promotions to parallel the excitement of the season. When people begin to decorate for the holidays is a great time for promos to begin. Choose a percentage off that works for you and create a holiday-themed promo code. For example, you might generate HOLIDAYTOUR20 for 20% off or HEART10 for 10% off.
  • BOGO
    • Customers love to see BOGO – buy one get one free (or at a percentage discount). Make sure to put time limits on your promos and giveaways. For example you might want to offer an “End of summer sale” or a “Winter WOO” promotion but they have to have deadlines. TRYTN supports promotions, you can find more information here.
  • Packages
    • Limited-time package deals are a great way to promote your services and get involved in your community. You can offer a deal combining tours/excursions or reach out to other businesses in the community and team up for an intentional experience. Examples could be creating an entire evening, weekend, etc. with tours/excursions, drinks, dining, accommodations and special events like sports, concerts or arts.
  • Online Contests
    • There are many options for online contests. Consider asking your followers to like, comment and share an official giveaway post on social media. You can also ask them to tag their friends for an extra entry. Then on an announced specific date, draw a winner at random. Your participants might fill out an entry form on your website if you wish to host the contest there. The form could simply ask for their name and email address. Alternatively, you might ask them to share a more personal story. This could be their favorite travel memory, why they want the prize or any other question. For even more engagement, you might ask followers to vote for their favorite story.
  • Other potential online contests to consider include:
    • Caption this Photo. Have followers create a caption for a funny picture you post on social media. Choose from your favorites or ask your followers to vote on their favorite after you pick your top 3.
  • Buy a gift certificate in December and you’re automatically entered in a raffle.
  • Share your most Unique Travel Tricks. People who travel regularly have a few tricks up their sleeve. You could ask your social media followers to share their most unique or unusual travel hacks. Pick the winner by a random drawing, choose your favorite, or ask your audience to vote.
  • A Sweepstake. This can be done simply through an entry form or social media, using scratch off tickets (virtual or not) or buy a ticket for a chance to win.
  • 12 Days of Giveaways. This type of promotion is most common around Christmas. Each day you can have a fun new promo or giveaway. It can be a percentage off a certain tour, a promo code if you buy a ticket for a particular month, or a free item with the purchase of a ticket. Each day, you can give entrants a chance to win a small prize, like a discount.

How to pick a Prize

The prizes do not have to be expensive! There are many amazing prizes that you can choose that bring in more business without breaking the bank. Consider these things when picking your prize to make sure you are making the smartest choice for your business.
  • The demographics of your target audience: People at different ages will most likely seek out different prizes. For example, a family would prefer something different than a person in college. Think about the objective of the people you want to engage with your company.
  • Marketing goals: Match your prize value to your marketing goals. What are you trying to accomplish? More followers on social media, an increase in email subscribers, or maybe bring more attention to your website? Keep the end goal in mind when planning your promos and giveaways.
  • Budget: Depending on your company, and the amount of giveaways/promos you have done in the past or plan to do will most likely determine your investment. Feel free to start small and test the waters.

Ideas for Prizes

  • Make it personal to your company. Does your company have any goodies with your logo on it? Customers love these kinds of treats and helps them to remember their wonderful experience.
  • Choose items customers can use the day of or on their experience. If you offer upgrades this can be wonderful option for a prize.
  • Keep it simple. These giveaways are supposed to be fun for you and the customer. Do not stress about picking the perfect items, no matter what you pick, your customers will appreciate your effort.

Most importantly, setting up promotions and giveaways should be as fun for you as the recipient. You are proud of what your company offers, and this is a great way to give back and showcase your best options. Making certain promotions an annual event is an excellent way to keep your customers engaged long term. TRYTN has many options for you to customize your experience and achieve your business goals. Adding holiday and seasonal promotions is just one of the many options to highlight. Don’t miss out on these opportunities especially with many major holidays on the horizon. If you are away for the holidays, do not forget to add business Closed Dates to Block Product Availability. That way you can rest and relax and do not have to worry about guests booking on your off days.

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