April 2021 Release Notes

April 2021 Release Notes

We’re at the month of April and we’ve had some really exciting improvements to the TRYTN system. We’ve been focusing on system stability by closing over 40 bugs and enhancing the initial user experience with new onboarding flows across the board. Lots of great enhancements in general this month to keep you selling faster and easier than ever before.

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Account Updates

  • Custom reports can now be used to build custom manifests
  • Custom reports can now be used as custom widgets on dashboards
  • Streamlined “getting started” onboarding flow
  • Enhanced “create account” experience
  • Staff now receive SMS notifications when added or removed from activities
  • General performance, resiliency, and security enhancements

Booking and Embedding Updates

  • New “by day” date view for customers
  • WCAG AA 2.1 AA-level compliance
  • Widgets can now be culture/language specific
  • Fixed an issue where by date product selection was not selecting date on details calendar
  • Fixed a bug where the sub title was not displaying on product grid view
  • Bug to fix correct use of labels for scheduled and merchandise items
  • Corrected an issue with autocomplete search where non-English titles were not being searched
  • General performance and security enhancement

General Platform Updates

  • Public affiliate links to allow customer self-service orders
  • Support for multiple of a tracking pixel
  • New FareHarbor data import onboarding tool
  • Streamlined create account experience
  • Support for Denver time zone
  • Bug fix for BOGO promos not working on ticket experience
  • Fixed an issue with asset management for “use once up to time slot capacity”
  • Resiliency and security enhancements
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