Reimagining Company Logos

Reimagining Company Logos

A company’s logo is important, whether you’re starting a business or refreshing your look. Having a timeless logo allows you to capture your customers’ attention and become memorable. Brainstorming with your team is the first step to creating a logo that represents your company. Think about the different elements, colors, and shapes which reflect the attitudes and values of a company. A good logo should be simple, relevant, distinctive, memorable, adaptable, reproducible, legible and coherent.

Keep this in mind as your craft the face of your company:

  • Most recognizable design elements.
  • Great logos say a lot with very little.
  • Strip your design down to the simplest form.
  • Shapes can stand on its own to represent a brand.
  • Customize a shape to own space inside your customers minds.
  • Choose colors that match your business’s personality.
  • Colors can psychologically affect the way people view your logo.
Easy to Visualize
  • When a customer hears your company’s name, they should be able to visualize your logo design.
  • Make sure it looks good in black and white.
Scalable and Responsive
  • Look just as good in a small size and a large size.
  • Remember your logo is seen everywhere from websites, apps, and printed out.
  • For easy access have 3-4 different options.
Below is an example of how a company can convey a scalable logo:
We are committed here at TRYTN to serve your company. We hope this gives you inspiration whether you’re starting or updating your business. To learn more about what TRYTN can do for your company, request a demo today!
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