June 2021 Release Notes

June 2021 Release Notes

We’ve been hard at work making the system more responsive and resilient. We’ve added another data center in the Eastern United States, updated how we store data, and fixed over 40 bugs. We also added some valuable new features and functionality to help keep you selling smarter and faster. 

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Account Updates

  • Enhanced communications experience for canned and adhoc emails and SMS messages
  • Additional clarity with enhanced content on several areas of the site
  • The tax or fee amount is now displayed as part of the label on the advanced settings page
  • Charts or graphs created with custom saved reports now have a top 5/10 concept
  • The old account profile experience has been retired for the wizard experience
  • Added a way to verify that the embedding script was installed correctly on a client site
  • Public notice has been moved to it’s own area under settings
  • Reschedule dates now show as unavailable due to no assets if that condition is met
  • Corrected an issue where affiliates added during an edit transaction did not calculate commissions
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to view different date ranges on sales summary graphs didn’t work
  • General performance, resiliency, and security enhancements

Booking and Embedding Updates

  • Created the concept of a cart widget for embedded users
  • Fixed an issue where asset names were being added to product titles as data sent to tracking
  • Fixed several issues of CSS bleed from client sites
  • General performance and security enhancement

General Platform Updates

  • Pax count available on Zapier integrations
  • Corrected an issue where some businesses utilizing asset management were under selling
  • Resiliency and security enhancements
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