Package Spotlight: Webpack

Package Spotlight: Webpack

Webpack is a virtual work horse with how powerful and important it is in the day-to-day operations of the front end team. Webpack is essentially a bundler in it’s simplest form. It takes in data of one format and returns it out in a different format. It can be used for JavaScript, images, SASS/LESS, etc. It’s generally fast to build and can process complex dependency trees with relative ease

We use Webpack primarily for JavaScript and have off-loaded image and CSS processing for other packages. This helps to take our es6 JavaScript modules (which are transpiled using a different library) and bundles them into regular JavaScript browsers can understand. It also takes in any Handlebars templates we have and compiles those as well.

What results from many modules and dependencies are just a few JavaScript files for the browser to utilize. The resulting code is optimized for fast delivery as well as performance within the code itself.

Package Name: Webpack

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