Package Spotlight: Awesome Phone Number

Package Spotlight: Awesome Phone Number

We recently had a request from one of our clients that we thought made a ton of sense. When a customer books online they enter a phone number. These phone number formats are wildly different from person to person and country to country. Their request was simple: standardize the phone number format.

But how do you do this when each customer is entering the data? Most likely don’t know the various formats and you can’t ask them to enter their number in a format. The answer: Awesome Phone Number, which allows us to auto-format a phone number from many different formats to many different formats.

The process is simple. The customer enters in their country and a phone number. Awesome Phone Number then takes those two pieces of information and returns out a formatted phone number string in the desired format. While this seems trivial it has many additional applications for future enhancements to the system.

Package Name: Awesome phonenumber

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