January 2019 Release Notes

January 2019 Release Notes

Welcome to 2019 everyone! We hit the ground running for the start of the year with a ton of new features and functionality as well as several bug fixes to help keep you running smoothly.

Important features of note: ticketing, a complete design of the by-date view, affiliates, support for Boca printers, and support for Stripe refunds are just a few.

As always, please reach out to your account manager if you have any questions about these updates.

Account Updates

  • A complete re-write of the edit transaction functionality to provide more performance and stability
  • Add ons can now have a translated short description
  • Users can now save custom reports to be re-used
  • Initial support for affiliates: a booking can now be assigned an affiliate
  • Tickets can now be printed as part of check in
  • Adds support for Boca ticket printers
  • Vouchers can now be applied to transactions made on behalf of a customer
  • Fixed an issue regarding asset management and check in for seats taken count
  • Fixed an issue where sometime refund amounts didn’t add up properly for edited transactions
  • Fixed an issue where all participants were removed and then some added in caused an error
  • General performance, resiliency, and security enhancements

Booking and Embedding Updates

  • Required select questions are now required to have an option selected instead of defaulting to first
  • General accessibility items regarding the availability calendar
  • Re-write of the by-date view to be a weekly calendar
  • Fixed an issue where flat rate promotions were being applied multiple times
  • Fixed an issue where all participants were removed and then some added in caused an error
  • Fixed an issue where future dates were not painting properly on availability calendar
  • General performance, resiliency, and security enhancements

General Platform Updates

  • Stripe payment gateway enhancement to support refunds
  • Fixed an issue with Viator bookings failing
  • Resiliency and security enhancements
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