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AdRoll Tracking Integration

TRYTN has a new tracking integration with AdRoll. With AdRoll tour and activity operators can easily retarget users who have viewed products, added products to carts,

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Google Ads Remarketing Support

TRYTN has long supported a conversion-tracking integration with Google Ads. Remarketing capability is also now supported. We are very excited to announce this valuable feature

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Introducing Dark Mode

We’re excited to be able to offer a beta-version of our new Dark Mode theme. Dark Mode has become exceedingly popular across web and native

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Package Spotlight: Sinon

Testing is only as good as the test writers ability to spying, stubbing, and mocking the code they are testing. For reference for those who

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Package Spotlight: JSDocs

Up-to-date documentation is a challenge for many businesses. Especially businesses that don’t employ dedicated technical writers. That’s where JSDocs comes into play. With JSDocs we decorate

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Package Spotlight: JQuery

One of the most popular and widely-used JavaScript libraries in the world, jQuery is a common performant, feature-rich library used for event handling, ajax, animations,

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Package Spotlight: CLNDR

The availability calendar is a very important feature of the tour and activity business that nearly every customer or potential customer sees before making a

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