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computer terminal or point of sale system

Point-of-Sale (POS) Mode

TRYTN is constantly evolving with our customers needs in mind. The point-of-sale (POS) mode is a perfect example of this. When a user enables POS

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wadded up receipt

Thermal Receipts

We’re very excited to announce support for both 3.125-inch and 2.25-inch thermal receipts for any purchase made in the system.  To print a receipt navigate

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AdRoll Tracking Integration

TRYTN has a new tracking integration with AdRoll. With AdRoll tour and activity operators can easily retarget users who have viewed products, added products to carts,

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Editing Invoices

We have recently released the ability to edit an existing invoice. Prior to this update if you created an invoice and needed to modify the

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Google Ads Remarketing Support

TRYTN has long supported a conversion-tracking integration with Google Ads. Remarketing capability is also now supported. We are very excited to announce this valuable feature

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Test Mode

Today we’re introducing the concept of “Test Mode” for both current and prospective businesses. For prospective businesses when you create an account and link your

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Private Customer Questions

You’ve always had robust and powerful ways to collect customer information during purchase at the participant, item, and cart level. Starting today you can now

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