Tracking Integrations Available within TRYTN

Tracking Integrations Available within TRYTN

TRYTN currently supports integrations with four tracking providers. Tracking can be a powerful tool for a tour operator to learn more about your customer demographics, customer buying habits, and the ability to market to potential and existing customers in the future. Below is a summary of each tracking integration.


AdRoll helps you to not only market to customers in the future but also retarget customers that have shown interest in buying in the past. With AdRoll you are able to set up audiences within various areas of the purchase funnel (product details page, checkout page, and success page) which enables you to present an ad to an otherwise lost customer to reengage them into the buying process. 

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With the Facebook Pixel you are able to run ads on Facebook and track demographics and metrics on orders from Facebook Ads. You can also use this information to retarget Facebook users who have viewed products but not purchased as well as create lookalike audiences to try to gain new customers based on existing customers.

Google Ads is a very common ad delivery network that allows tour operators to target ads to customers based on keywords being searched as well as determine how successful each campaign is with powerful reporting. You also have the ability to retarget customers who clicked on an ad but didn’t purchase in the future. Google Ads integrates extremely well with Google Analytics as they are both Google products. 

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Google Analytics is the only tracking integration currently supported by TRYTN that is not primarily used for ad delivery or retargeting. With Google Analytics you can gain insights into successful content pages, conversion rates, demographics, and issues on your website. By placing Google Analytics on your website and integrating into TRYTN you see a full picture of your customer from research to intent to purchase to conversion.

We are constantly adding new features and functionality to the system as it makes sense to help tour operators earn more direct bookings. Don’t see a tracking or marketing tool integration that would be helpful to your business? Please open a ticket with your use case. 

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