October 2020 Release Notes

October 2020 Release Notes

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This month we’ve been working towards some really big features that aren’t quite ready for prime time. We’ve also focused on bugs, mobile-friendly design improvements, and released the ability to integrate with third-parties by way of web hooks. We’re so excited for the next round and can’t wait for you to see them.

Account Updates

  • Lifetime value and average order value data points now included in downloaded customers report
  • Additional user experience enhancements by saving preferences
  • New status transaction field in report generator
  • Ability to create product-type links in link generator
  • Corrected an asset management bug that caused capacities to be overbooked
  • Fixed a reporting issue that caused affiliates to not report revenue accurately 
  • Enhanced usability and responsiveness on mobile and small screen devices
  • Fixed an issue where “send message” was unavailable at the date details view
  • General performance, resiliency, and security enhancements

Booking and Embedding Updates

  • Addressed a discrepancy in transaction identifiers generated by the system for PayPal purchases
  • General performance and security enhancement

General Platform Updates

  • System now supports custom integrations with web hooks and API key authentication
  • Operator can now specify nights instead of days for multi-day events to support lodging
  • Resiliency and security enhancements
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Feature Announcements

Custom Invoice Emails

We recently enhanced our invoicing capabilities in a big way. Each tour operator has specific business needs and so a one-size-fits-all invoice email just didn’t

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someone ideating on a white board with comps
Release Notes

July 2021 Release Notes

We’ve spent all of July trying to squash as many bugs as possible while also adding simple enhancements to make the system easier to use.

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