Protecting Customer Information with Payment Gateways

Protecting Customer Information with Payment Gateways

Ensuring customer information, especially payment information, is safe and secure is extremely important to us. Unlike some tour and activity software companies that store payment details, TRYTN has made the decision to utilize payment gateways to handle the day-to-day payment processing. But what is a payment gateway?

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A payment gateway is a third-party that handles the exchange and validation of payment information. Stripe (TRYTN is a preferred partner of Stripe) is a payment gateway that is highly recommended and many of our clients utilize for payments. When a customer goes to buy one of your tours or activities they are prompted to enter their credit card details. When they submit that information Stripe, not TRYTN, takes the credit card information, verifies it’s accuracy, charges the card the specified amount, and tells TRYTN it was successful. In the event of an issue it notifies the customer. 

Just like how TRYTN never touches your money TRYTN also never touches credit card information at any time. This means that the system is completely safe and there can never be a security breach where customer payment data can be accessed. This differs from some other tour and activity software companies that don’t have this intermediary step for payment processing. 

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