Custom Integrations with Web Hooks

Custom Integrations with Web Hooks

Web hooks enable one web site or web application to communicate with another on an event-driven fashion. With web hooks you can create a custom integration from one application to another, enabling deep connections and robust integrations.

TRYTN (and other booking system providers) historically have not supported the ability for one third-party application to communicate with the booking system. But why? This is your business and your data. So today we are announcing the ability to create custom integrations with TRYTN by utilizing our new web hooks.

Out of the gate we’re supporting web hooks for the following events:

  • Transaction created
  • Transaction updated
  • Scheduled item bought
  • Scheduled item updated
  • Scheduled item cancelled
  • Unscheduled item bought
  • Unscheduled item updated
  • Unscheduled item cancelled
  • Merchandise item bought
  • Merchandise item updated
  • Merchandise item refunded
With these web hooks you can have a custom application do something when a booking is placed. What that something is is totally up to you! Web hooks are an advanced but powerful feature for tour operators to be able to help create deep integrations with TRYTN. More web hook events will be added in the future as needed or requested.
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