Utilizing Social Media for Flash Sales

Utilizing Social Media for Flash Sales

In the United States end of the year holidays also means flash sales. Flash sales are limited-time (for a few hours or days) offers of deep discounts on one or more products. In this blog post we wanted to discuss how to best set up flash sales within TRYTN for the best success.

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TRYTN is built on a scalable architecture. That means that it’s able to handle massive amounts of traffic from different areas of the world. So rest assured that when you have a flash sale the system will be stable and secure for you and all of your customers.

Promo Codes

Often a promo code is used for a flash sale. This is also a strategy we recommend when running short-term flash sales. Set up your promotion code with the product(s) you wish to support and set a start and end date. This will help people not be able to use the promo code after your flash sale has ended. 

Tracking a Successful Campaign

When linking to your product pages in your various marketing blasts make sure to utilize the SRC tracking parameter in the URL. This will help you learn how many orders came from your various sources. 

We wish you the greatest success with your upcoming flash sale plans! Please reach out to support or your account manager if you have any questions or difficulties with any of these tips. 

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