Package Spotlight: Gulp

Package Spotlight: Gulp

Humans are really bad at being able to do the same repetitive tasks the same way every time. Just think about the last time you had a task like this. In the middle of your work your phone rings, you get up from the bathroom, perhaps someone comes by to ask you about your weekend. These interruptions cause people to make mistakes. Since you were interrupted you forgot to check a box on the install wizard so the install is different from the last one.

This is where Gulp comes into play. With Gulp you have the ability to automated repeated tasks. Hence each time the task is performed it’s the exact same as last time.

We use Gulp tasks for a number of processes such as optimizing images, transpiling code, code quality checks, and even generating code documentation. By creating these tasks we are able to have multiple developers (as well as automated build process) do these tasks in the same way, in the same order, every time.

Gulp used to be the standard but has somewhat fallen to the wayside in favor of directly accessing packages within Node instead of having Gulp wrap around a package. At TRYTN we don’t see the need at this time to change away from Gulp as it integrates well into our other systems. It’s a key piece of our automated build and deployment pipeline.

Package Name: Gulp

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