May 2020 Release Notes

May 2020 Release Notes

May was yet another busy month for bug fixes and new features shipped to production. We’ve enabled streamlined experiences for point-of-sale experiences and fixed many bugs. We’ve also created an integration with AdRoll and overall made the system much faster with vast performance improvements across the entire platform. June will have additional major changes for point-of-sale and other long-requested features.

Account Updates

  • Operators can now bypass checkout and go straight to review during purchase if items have no questions and no optional add ons
  • Purchases made now go directly to transaction details page (except for POS mode)
  • Ability for an operator to create draft invoices, edit existing invoices, and delete invoices
  • New dashboard widgets: top five payment tags
  • Support for thermal receipt printing (both 3.125-inch and 2.25-inch stock)
  • New filtering options for product display for added performance
  • POS Mode: a user can operate in a streamlined experience for point-of-sale situations (like a ticket booth)
  • Optimized print view of manifest
  • Optimized ability to print boarding passes from transaction details screen
  • Fixed an issue where refunds were showing as an error when operator had insufficient funds available for refund
  • Fixed a bug where taxes were not recalculating properly when editing existing purchases
  • Fixed an issue where outstanding balances were sometimes unable to be paid
  • Corrected the customers report to no longer list “Not Provided” data in customers report
  • General performance, resiliency, and security enhancements

Booking and Embedding Updates

  • The invoice experience has now been aligned with the standard review step during checkout
  • Scheduled events with “Select a Date” questions now show in the calendar download on those dates
  • Fixed an issue where translations were sometimes showing the incorrect language to a user
  • Fixed an issue with the “Name” data point on PDF tickets
  • Fixed an issue with customer notice on embedding experience sometimes showing when not loaded
  • Fixed a display issue where price options were not appearing properly on larger screens
  • General performance and security enhancements

General Platform Updates

  • Operators that sell tickets (i.e. no questions or add-ons) now automatically receive a streamline experience for both customer and operator
  • Support for AdRoll tracking
  • Fixed several bugs around voucher campaign functionality
  • Resiliency and security enhancements
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