January 2020 Release Notes

January 2020 Release Notes

Welcome to the first release notes update of 2020. We’re really excited to showcase some of the features and functionality released this month.

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On the account site the biggest release of note is the ability to use the system in your preferred language. For now this only available for English and Spanish, but wait for more support in the future.

On the booking side, a completely new embedded experience will start to roll out to clients in the coming weeks.

Account Updates

  • Ability to write a quick note on an invoice
  • Sales by month report now includes a column for outstanding balance due
  • Fixed an issue where system-generated notes on an invoice were not attached to payment record
  • You can no longer invoice a customer with a zero balance due
  • The account experience is now shown in the users preferred language (currently English and Spanish are the only supported languages)
  • Additional details by way of sub-descriptions are shown on product details pages
  • Ability to create private sub-descriptions
  • Fixes an issue where the report generator would be stuck on a “loading” screen upon encountering an error
  • Bug fix to disable to add to cart button to prevent multiple adds
  • General performance, resiliency, and security enhancements

Booking and Embedding Updates

  • Added support for Facebook pixel and Google Ads tracking on the embedded experience
  • Country selection list now alphabetical regardless of language
  • Deposit-only pricing is now more clear in purchase funnel
  • Completely new embedded experience that will be slowly rolled out to clients
  • Enhanced purchase experience for non-English customers for businesses utilizing Stripe payment gateway
  • Bug fixed where phone number auto-formatting was not working for non-US countries
  • Fixed a display issue with custom unit labels not displaying on the purchase flow
  • Fixed an issue where items in a cart that had expired could not be removed
  • Corrected a transaction identifier issue where the year was not appended to some PayPal purchases
  • Big fixed where businesses utilizing Mexican Peso currency were having issues tracking transactions
  • Fixes an issue where customers using the v2 embedded experience were unable to navigate back to cart on review
  • General performance and security enhancements

General Platform Updates

  • Enhanced the information included in Viator order confirmation emails
  • Purchase data is now submitted to Stripe for businesses that utilize Stripe as a payment gateway
  • Businesses that use Authorize.Net payment gateway can now choose if they ask for a billing address
  • Resiliency and security enhancements
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