Soliciting Customer Reviews

Soliciting Customer Reviews

Online customer reviews, regardless of the site they’re on (Google, TripAdvisor, etc.) are extremely important to businesses. When someone is looking for an activity while on vacation, especially if it’s a large ticket price, look to reviews to learn more about your products with unbiased opinions. So just how does a business get more online reviews? Organic is great but it’s better if you ask for them!

With TRYTN you can set up automated emails to send out a certain number of days after an activity has been consumed. Each buyer will get the email asking them to submit a review about their experience.

How it Works

Setting up your review request email is super easy. Go to Settings, then under the Communications section select Custom Communications. Click on the Add button and start designing your email. Select the Post-Activity template type and the number of days to send after the activity has been consumed.

Once set up go back and select Assign to assign the new email template to the activities you wish to ask for reviews for.

Best Practices

  • Send the email one to three days after activity was consumed
  • Include an intriguing subject line to encourage them to open the email
  • Use email variables to personalize the email to the customer
  • If possible provide direct links to the review sites to make it as easy and painless as possible
  • Give incentive to review (or thanks) with a promo code encouraging the review and future bookings
  • Include some text about if they were unhappy with their experience (this gives you a chance to make it right and avoid a negative review)
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