Third-Party Login Support

Third-Party Login Support

Today we add yet another way to help keep your account safe and secure while providing convenience. TRYTN users now have the ability to associate or register accounts with a third-party provider. By doing so they will no longer have to remember an email address and password for TRYTN, they can simply log in using one of the authorized providers (as seen below) to log into the system.

Any TRYTN user that has a GMail account or G Suite can use their Google credentials to log into TRYTN. Simply select Google from the third-party options and login using your Google account.

Do you have a Microsoft account? You can now use this account to also authenticate with TRYTN. Simply select Microsoft from the third-party options and login using your Microsoft account.

More third-party providers may be added in the future to enhance this feature and user experience. Already have an account? Log in normally and visit My Profile to find the External Logins section to add/manage the access you provide to third-party logins.

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