Personalizing Your Dashboards to Suit Your Needs

Personalizing Your Dashboards to Suit Your Needs

Being able to run your business smoothly and effectively means getting the data you require to make decisions quickly and easily. That’s why we’ve released a new feature to allow for personalized, custom dashboards.

Each member of your staff is different which is why the ability to personalize dashboards is so vitally important. Each staff member can see only what’s most important to them so they can complete their daily tasks with ease.

Tour and activity operators can also create shared dashboards that all users have access to so that standards are met. Each dashboard allows for up to 12 widgets allowing for each dashboard and each user to be in full control of the data they see. These dashboards are built on a newer, more performant foundation that will enable you to get the information and data you need to make business decisions faster than ever before. So much so that we’re going to cover the topic of dashboard performance improvements in a separate post!

Try creating a new personalized dashboard today and let us know what you think. We’re constantly improving the existing features we release based on customer feedback.

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