Managing Your Staff Assignments Just Got Easier

Managing Your Staff Assignments Just Got Easier

Today we are excited to announce a major feature that has been requested by many of our current business partners: staff management!

With this new staff management select users (whomever is chosen to have the ability) can add staff members to activity occurrences as well as assign custom roles to each staff member. You have the ability to assign multiple roles to a staff member and different roles and different staff members to different activity occurrences.

You’re also able to see the assigned staff and roles for these occurrences on the check in manifest as well as the “upcoming reservations” calendar on your dashboard. By default only the primary account holder has this setting to manage staff turned on and you will need to enable the feature in your business settings to start using this feature.

We have more enhancements planned out for this feature but would love to hear how you use it and what would make it even easier.

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