Customer Insights with the Improved Customers Report

Customer Insights with the Improved Customers Report

Several months ago we introduced the Customers report. This report gave high-level insights about your customers. Specifically buyer information, number of purchases, and a small amount of information about each purchase a customer has made.

While this report helps our activity and tour operators get to know their customers a little better it lacked some of the information needed to make actionable decisions.

A few weeks ago we released an enhancement to this Customers report. Going forward the report is faster and performs better on smaller screens. But that’s just the beginning. We’ve also added more metrics and some insights so you can know more about your customers buying habits.

Lifetime Value

The Customers report now includes information about the lifetime value of each customer. At-a-glance you can easily find the total revenue, number of bookings, and average order value for the customer. Knowing who your most valuable and most loyal customers are helps build a community. Happy customers refer additional customers through the most powerful advertising medium: word of mouth.

Booking Date Breakdowns

Also new to the Customers report is a breakdown by month of the purchases made by your customer. Here you can start to see trends in buying habits and can market to the customer when they are most likely to buy from you. As an example assume John Smith has had 5 bookings, each in July, and each a year apart. You can assume based on this information that this next July they will likely want to book with you again.

Another new metric in the Customers report is the last booking date. This gives you an at-a-glance view of not just the date of the last booking for the customer but also how many days ago the booking was placed. This can help you engage customers that you haven’t seen in a while, perhaps with a promotion, to try to re-engage them.

Transaction Details

The Customers report has always shown details about the customer transactions, but this has been cleaned up in the new Customers report. No longer does the report show all transaction data all at once. Now, you will see a list of transactions with the transaction ID, refund status (if refunded), purchase date, and total revenue from the purchase.

Once selected you will find additional details about that transaction, mainly the items the customer purchased for that specific transaction. Transaction information includes the item title, quantity/participants purchased, and total of the item purchased. You can use this information alongside the other new information to help identify your customers preferences and market personalized messages to them based on their past purchases.

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