Abandoned Cart Retargeting to Capture Otherwise Lost Revenue

Abandoned Cart Retargeting to Capture Otherwise Lost Revenue

It’s a fact of the ecommerce world that you will lose customers in your checkout funnel. People have limited time and are distracted and as such, they will drop before making a purchase at any site. We want to help you recover some of that otherwise lost revenue so we added in the ability to retarget a customer who abandoned their cart.

Imagine the following scenario. Your potential customer is at work running between meetings and trying to book a nice fishing excursion for their upcoming vacation. They go to your site, add the excursion they want at the date and time that they want to their cart. They’re so close, all they need to do is add in their payment information and the excursion is booked. However someone catches them in the hallway and they got caught in a heated discussion about which is more appropriate for best coding practices between tabs and spaces. They forget to complete that purchase.

How it works

With abandoned cart retargeting we have an opportunity to re-engage that potential customer so we have another chance to convert them to an actual customer. How? With the abandoned cart feature after a set amount of time we use the information the customer provided earlier in the purchase funnel to send them a reminder email about their pending purchase. They click on the email and are taken directly back into the purchase funnel so they can complete their purchase. It’s that easy.

The results

Looking back at the last quarter for all businesses, those that utilized the abandoned cart retargeting feature saw a 1.2% increase in bookings and a 1.5% increase in revenue than those that did not. What’s more impressive is purchases made from the abandoned cart retargeting email saw an average 27% increase in average order value!

Looking for another example? We also took a deep dive into an early adopter of this feature that does high volume through the system. Their results were even better than the average: 2.2% increase in bookings and a 3% increase in revenue. They also saw a 32% increase in average order value for purchases made from the abandoned cart retargeting feature.

At TRYTN we strive to add features and functionality that help our business partners be more successful and generate more revenue and business. Are you a current TRYTN client that does not utilize this feature and are interested — please reach out to your account manager. Are you a tour or activity operator that wishes your current system had this functionality? Please drop us a note; we’d be happy to show you around.
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