2020 Annual Technology Review

2020 Annual Technology Review

2020 was another strong year for our tech team and we wanted to share some of the statistics that we accomplished in 2020.



A release happens every time we make a change to the product and that change makes it to production. In 2020 we ended up releasing 628 times (2 per day on average.) We had less releases this year over 2019 simply because there were some large features that took several days to release. 


Bugs Squashed

Bugs are a fact of life with software. Happily we have found and eliminated 474 more bugs from the system in 2020. This is down a little bit from 2019 but overall we’re happy to help keep the system safe and secure.


Unit and Integration Tests

As part of every release we run automated unit and integration tests. It helps us find bugs before they happen and ensure new code doesn’t break existing. In 2020 we added even more tests to our suite from 2019. Given how many releases we did we ended up running over 2.5 million unit and integration tests in 2020.

We are happy to share these statistics with you and am sure that 2021 will exceed our expectations and yours for upcoming features and quality of our releases. 

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