March 2020 Release Notes

March 2020 Release Notes

We understand how devastating of an impact COVID-19 is having on our tour and activity partners. This month and future months we’re focusing on upgrades to the platform to help you in your time of need as well as functional and performance improvements so that you are able to hit the ground running once restrictions are lifted. Please reach out to us if you need assistance or think of something to help your business.
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Account Updates

  • Payment gateway fees are now included in reports
  • Fees totaling field added to report generator
  • Ability to issue a refund that only returns seats and not money
  • Affiliate flat-fee per participant commission type
  • Stripe Terminal enhancements: card reader support for upcharge and check-in
  • Ability to offer a private add-on that can only be purchased internally
  • Increased reschedule in the past to 2 weeks from 1 week
  • Account now translated into German, Italian, and Portuguese
  • Any archived item can now be deleted
  • Fixed an issue with the “more actions” menu
  • Corrected an error generated sometimes when adding multiple time slots in a row
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes deposit only pricing settings were not saving
  • Fixed an error where users on Portuguese language were unable to perform certain tasks
  • Fixed an issue where uploaded images were not cropped in the correct aspect ratio
  • General performance, resiliency, and security enhancements

Booking and Embedding Updates

  • Upgrade Google Ads tracking to supprt gtag method
  • Note: V2 of embedding has been deprecated and any business still using needs to upgrade to V3
  • Fixed an issue with the by date view on mobile not supporting filtering
  • General performance and security enhancements

General Platform Updates

  • You can now set a minimum and/or maximum number of participants for a given price (useful for group pricing versus individual pricing)
  • Customer payment information can now be stored for future purchases (Stripe only)
  • Saved payment methods can be used for upcharges and outstanding balance on check-in
  • You can now add a customer notice in the event of an emergency
  • FareHarbor booking data import tool
  • Clean up asset management strategies to be clearer to the operator
  • Fixed an issue with when Stripe payment meta data was created
  • Resiliency and security enhancements
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