Reza Barissi on Bootstrapping in America

Reza Barissi on Bootstrapping in America

Reza Barissi, the Founder of TRYTN and former dive instructor, discusses the difficulties customers and tour and activity operators encounter every day with regards to online booking and reservation management.
Reza discusses the issues that customers face when attempting to make reservations for the activities they want to perform while on vacation as well as the issues face with tour and activity operators with reservations management. The current system of a customer call and/or email tour and activity operators is not a smart and fast solution. Barissi discusses how TRYTN is helping small or medium tour and activity operator businesses.

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TRYTN is an online booking and centralized reservation management system for tour and activity businesses. The simple, intuitive interface means setup can be completed in minutes. Businesses increase their direct sales while reducing costs by gaining access to TRYTN’s subsidized web development and marketing services.  A streamlined web presence combined with reliable software gives TRYTN partners the tools they need to succeed in the increasingly competitive activities industry. For more information visit

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