2019 Annual Financial Review

2019 Annual Financial Review

What a year 2019 has been! We hope that all of our clients and partners have also had a fantastic year. TRYTN has seen continued dramatic growth in nearly all metrics and some new industry verticals that can directly correlate to the large drop in average order value as well as the difference between the growth of orders versus the growth of revenue. Overall we’ve had a very solid 2019 and can’t wait to share these new metrics with you.


Bookings Change

For the fifth year in a row we’ve seen a triple-digit growth in the number of revenue-generating orders placed within the TRYTN system. This year we can directly attribute the continued growth and more than double the orders from the previous year to the sales team bringing on new markets and the engineering team adding additional features and functionality to encourage more sales.


Revenue Change

This year we once again saw very aggressive growth in the amount of revenue generated through the platform but this is also the first year to not only not hit triple-digits (and at least a double) as well as the first year to not see the revenue and order percentages walk in lockstep. The reason? We can attribute this to new businesses in new markets that have high volume but low product prices that drove this number down.


AOV Change

This year we saw a significant decrease in the average order value across the platform. While some of this metric this year is influenced by outside influences we can attribute most of this decrease to new markets that TRYTN started supporting in 2019, mainly museums, which have a very low ticket price and therefore low average order value but have a high order volume.


New Businesses Added

2019 has been a solid year for the sales team by increasing the number of net-new businesses that were brought onto the TRYTN platform versus 2018. We expanded into many new verticals and some new geographical regions in Europe and Asia.


Revenue Businesses per Month

We are very proud to report that we’re continuing to diversify the TRYTN portfolio to continue to mitigate seasonality by adding net-new businesses in different geographical regions and new markets that reduce the overall seasonal slump.

2019 was a year for the books and we cannot wait to see what 2020 has in store for us. Near the end of 2019 we started to rapidly expand the sales and marketing teams to continue to scale the business in dramatic ways. We wish all of our clients and partners continued success in 2020 and look forward to our next annual report in January of 2020.
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