2017 Annual Financial Review

2017 Annual Financial Review

2017 has closed out for the year and we’re starting into 2018 which means it’s time to recap the financial status and progress of TRYTN and the platform for the past year. Overall we had another outstanding year with metrics still trending extremely high in nearly every measured category. We did see a dip in average order value across the platform but that metric can be influenced by a number of factors both TRYTN and non-TRYTN controlled and isn’t an overall indication of how the platform is performing. 


Bookings Change

Another solid year of bookings or orders placed in the platform. We saw triple-digit growth again this year although not quite as aggressive as the previous year. We’re quite pleased to see this level of growth again this year for the number of revenue-generating bookings placed within the platform.


Revenue Change

Likewise we’ve seen another solid year of revenue increases in the platform which can be attributed to new features and functionality added to the system as well as increases in the number of net-new businesses and net-new revenue added to the platform on the whole. 


AOV Change

We did see a decrease in the average order value across the platform but we aren’t overly concerned. A number of factors influence the average order value: economy, pricing strategies, business verticals utilizing the platform, etc. Given the large and dramatic increases in orders and revenue placed in the system we are not concerned about the average order value decreasing this year.


New Businesses Added

We are very happy to report another year of triple-digit growth as well as more than doubling the number of new businesses utilizing the TRYTN platform in 2017. We can’t thank the efforts of the sales team enough in their efforts to sell TRYTN to new and existing markets as well as our engineering team to continually push out new features and functionality that keeps TRYTN at parity (or above) and competitive against our competitors. 


Revenue Businesses per Month

We’ve expanded into new regions and more new markets so we’ve seen another year where the average number of revenue-generating businesses per month has again more than doubled this past year. 

We once again are very proud of each and every team member and client that has chosen TRYTN as their booking platform. We continue to make every effort to help you sell better and faster so that you can make more money for your business. It’s the only way we are also successful. Wishing you a prosperous 2018 and beyond. 

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