Smartwaiver Integration

Smartwaiver Integration

We are proud to announce a new integration with Smartwaiver that will help to speed up your operations dramatically. With this integration you are able to indicate which waiver(s) go with which activities and the system then reports back on the check in manifest which waiver(s) have/have not been signed yet.


The integration is easy. Simply indicate you wish to use Smartwaiver in the system and enter the required API key (received from Smartwaiver.) Once done you will be given a list of waivers from within Smartwaiver and you can attach activities to these waivers.

Once purchased customers will automatically be asked to sign the waivers via confirmation page as well as confirmation email. Whenever a waiver is signed the status is then reported back to TRYTN so you can quickly and easily see the status of the waivers for each participant during check in. No need to toggle between systems.

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