Multi-Location Business Support

Multi-Location Business Support

In the past TRYTN users who operated multiple locations of a business had a bit of a hard time. They were required to have multiple accounts that they would have to log in and out of to switch and could not share reporting data across each location. Then we enabled the ability to share log ins across accounts. 

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This can be helpful for businesses that want to quickly switch between accounts but still doesn’t solve the problem of shared reporting (or shared anything) across multiple locations. That’s why we have created additional functionality specifically for multi-location businesses. 

When enabled (any tour operator can enable this in the Features section of settings) a new “Locations” navigation item will appear. Within this section you can create additional locations for your business. Each location has it’s own users, products, and access as if it’s an independent business but you can also easily navigate between these businesses. Additionally, you can run reports with some or all of these additional locations at the parent level.

With this new functionality we’re creating a parent-child relationship. A child could also have children which makes this functionality really robust for national chains that have individual locations, regional offices, and a national office. 

We’re continuing to build this out to make it even more powerful in the coming months and basing a lot of our changes off of user feedback to make it the easiest to use. 

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