Feature Announcement: Invoicing

Feature Announcement: Invoicing

Businesses now have another way to engage their customers to buy: invoicing. Prior to this feature being released there were only two ways for a customer to make a booking:

  1. Online themselves
  2. In person or over the phone with the business directly

Now a customer can build a custom package of activities for the user and request payment from them directly via the invoice. The customer hasn’t reserved their spot(s) until they pay so they are highly encouraged and motivated to complete the purchase. Invoices automatically expire after a set number of days and you cannot complete an invoice once the event is in the past.
This is especially significant for businesses that only utilize the PayPal payment gateway as there was no way to take a payment over the phone or in person. Now a customer can all a PayPal-only business and pay the invoice directly.
If you have any questions about invoicing or how to get started please reach out to your account manager.

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