Enhancing the Customer Experience with Translations

Enhancing the Customer Experience with Translations

People are traveling longer distances than ever before to have their next memorable moment. When someone vacations in another country they look to have a local, cultural experience to go with their vacation.

But what if the person speaks a different language? It’s a pretty difficult experience to try to book activities without the content being in a language you can also speak and understand.

This is where the new translations functionality comes in for your customer. System labels will automatically be translated into select languages but more importantly: your custom content can also be translated! That means the entire customer journey from research to purchase to email communications are all in the language they selected. This greatly enhances the experience and satisfaction for your customers. We are proud to announce support for this.

Currently we support Spanish, French, and German. We have plans to add additional languages in the future. Is there a language we need to support? Please open a support ticket to make this request.

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