Dependable SMS Text Notifications

Dependable SMS Text Notifications

SMS text messaging. You might not think much about it but this is a really significant and important piece of technology. Invented in the 1980s the first SMS text message was sent in 1992. Since then it’s ballooned in usage and popularity. In 2010 SMS texts were estimated to be used by 3.2 billion people which accounted for nearly 80% of all mobile users. Wow!

Many tour and activity operators are hands-on. They’re out in the field or sailing the boat. They don’t have reliable internet service. What most do have, however, are a strong enough cell signal to receive an SMS text message.

Operators can now opt-in to receiving an SMS text in addition to the standard order confirmation email. This text lists how many participants or quantity of an item were added, the name of the activity or item, and in the case of a scheduled activity, the date and start time of the activity that was booked. All product purchases include the transaction identifier and link to the transaction details page.

This feature is rolling out to select businesses starting today. Do you think your business would benefit from this feature? If so please reach out to your account manager to discuss.

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