Custom Customer Communications

Custom Customer Communications

At TRYTN we understand the importance of communications with your customers. That is why we have rolled out a powerful new way to communicate with your customers after they purchase from your business: custom communications.

With custom communications you are able to send out pre-written emails that include dynamic content pre-activity, post-activity, or post-purchase a given number of days before or after. These are extremely helpful in reminding your customers about their upcoming activity or requirements or even just soliciting a review or feedback after they finish an activity.

Additionally we’ve added an audit log to the transactions details page so that you can see what emails your customer is receiving and when they received it.

To get started create an email template and assign the email template to one or more activities or items for purchase. The next customer who purchases that activity or item will automatically receive the email you wrote on the interval you defined when setting up your email template.

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