Are Your Affiliates Working for You?

Are Your Affiliates Working for You?

Affiliate marketing and affiliate sales channels are great ways to add supplemental revenue to your business. Typically, though, you pay a cost in the form of a commission for each affiliate to bring business to you. So how can you tell if your affiliates are bringing in enough business? How can you tell if the added commission is resulting in additional sales? How can you tell if your affiliates are continuing to perform at a high level or have bookings for a specific affiliate dropped off?

Today we are announcing a new Affiliates Report to answer the above questions. The affiliates report gives you an easy-to-use report to see what bookings they’ve made, lifetime value and cost, and breakdown of affiliate bookings by month.

Lifetime Value and Cost

On the report we break down the total revenue, bookings, and average order value that each specific affiliate has brought to your business. Likewise, since most affiliates work off commission, we also provide the lifetime commissions that the system has calculated. The commission is calculated based on the commission rules that you are able to define when you set up an affiliate.

Bookings and Breakdown

We also provide a way to see every booking details for all bookings made by your affiliates. Likewise we also provide a chart to lay out when the affiliate bookings are coming in (per month) in both number of bookings as well as the commission the affiliate earned. With this information you will start to see if an affiliate is consistent in their revenue or if they have waves of bookings.

What about OTAs?

We understand that many operators utilize OTAs such as Viator to drive more revenue. These sites are also affiliates and if you enable access to these OTAs you will also be able to break down the bookings and success of these OTAs in this report. No commission is calculated for these bookings as the commission rates are highly variable between operators.
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