Accepting Partial Payments

Accepting Partial Payments

Giving tour operators the flexibility to run their business the way they want is important to us. Now more than ever a tour operator needs to be able to accept different types of payments as well as how they accept payments. TRYTN already supports several different payment options to make it easy and today we are announcing another.

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TRYTN has always been able to accept various credit cards and PayPal for some time now. Operators can have the customer pay-in-full or pay just a deposit and collect the remainder later. The operator can invoice the customer to make a purchase or the customer can purchase the tour or activity outright online or over the phone. Operators can also quickly and securely take credit card payments using Stripe Terminal. 

With all of these options there was still a gap: partial payments. Let’s assume you offer larger-ticket items like a charter. The ultimate cost might be $10,000 but through negotiations you have the customer put down an arbitrary number of $947.75. As of today a partial, ad-hoc payment is now an option.

Once activated for your account you’ll see a “Partial Payment” checkbox. Check this box and enter the amount the customer will be paying initially and complete the purchase. The remainder of the purchase amount becomes an outstanding balance due at a later date.  

This feature has only been released to some operators on a case-by-case basis for now. If your tour company would benefit from this feature please reach out to your account manager to learn more. 

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