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Customized Checkout Experience for Buyers

For a seamless checkout, customers need to be able to add multiple items to a personalized shopping cart. Buying multiple activities should not require multiple steps. TRYTN is the easiest to use system for customers to purchase activities and complete complex reservations.

Custom Pricing Labels

Uniquely Identify Your Products
Every tour operator offers something different. In addition having varying products, every operation is run differently. Flexibility is imperative for both structuring your operation, but also when messaging to the customer. A Custom Labels allows for tour operators to accurately describe what they offer based on how they sell their products.
Enhanced Checkout Experience
For example, a tour operator could sell ATV Tours. But what the customer actually purchases could vary. Are they renting the whole ATV? Or are they renting a seat on the ATV that a guide drives? If they are renting the whole ATV then it would make sense to customize the label to “ATV”. This way at checkout it is clear to the customer that they purchased two ATVs. If they are merely renting a seat on an ATV tour, then the label could remain as “Participant”. Having flexibility with pricing labels ensures that there is no confusion to the customer as what is being purchased.
Competing tour operator software do not offer this level of customization. This limitation creates the scenario where someone buys two ATVs, but on the check out page it says “2 Participants”. This is confusing to the customer because they second guess what they have just purchased.

Listing Sub-Descriptions

Intuitively Answer Every Question
The flexibility to include all relevant information about a specific product. Many tour operators offer a wide range of products. In addition to the customary description of a tour or activity, often times it is necessary to provide more information to the customer. This additional information may not be imperative for making the decision to purchase, but it can be helpful to provide additional context of what to expect while participating in a tour or activity.
TRYTN has structured so that customers can easily see what ‘extra’ information is available to them, but it is ultimately their choice to dig deeper. By using accordions, it keeps the booking process streamlined without sacrificing relevant information.

Confirmation Emails

Each unique sub-description can be selectively chosen to be included in the automated confirmation emails that are sent out after purchase. This allows for operators to further customize their confirmation emails by product. Additionally, sub-descriptions can be marked as “Private” so that they are hidden from view during the customer booking experience. This is helpful in scenarios where the information is only necessary for individuals who have completed their purchase.

Automate Daily Workflows
Some examples of Sub-Descriptions are “What Bring”, “Itinerary”, “Directions”, etc. Sub-descriptions are also useful to further customize Confirmation Emails that get sent out to customers after booking. Since every product is different, TRYTN gives operators the ability to customize their confirmation emails for each product – meaning there is not one blanket confirmation email for the entire operation.
Individual sub-descriptions can be chose for inclusion in the Confirmation Email. Operators can also choose to “hide” sub-descriptions so that they are only used in the Confirmation Email (meaning it is not visible during the reservation process). Ultimately, this functionality gives more control to the operator to choose what and how they correspond with their customers.

Basic Settings and Initial Setup

TRYTN’s intuitive interface dramatically simplfies the process for businesses to manage their own products and availability. The step by step process ensures that set up is seamless. Throughout TRYTN there are pop-up “tour” dialogue boxes along with helpful hints designed to familiarize users and drastically speed up the learning curve of the platform.

This functionality allows for differing schedules and pricing for the same activity all on one calendar. The ability to offer different time slots on different days of the week or adjust pricing by day or time gives operators the ability to both drive demand and manage that demand. Customer can easily see their options all within the same calendar experience.

We offer several direct payment gateway options to best meet needs of clients around the world – Stripe, PayPal or There are different benefits to each processor so consult with your TRYTN account representative about recommendations and/or reach out to the payment processors directly.

TRYTN’s simple and intuitive platform makes it easy for business owners and managers to create and edit their own products and schedules. The step by step process ensures that set up is seamless. Throughout TRYTN there are pop-up “tour” dialogue boxes along with helpful hints designed to familiarize users and drastically speed up the learning curve of the platform.

Advanced Pricing gives operators flexibility with how they implement individual price categories.

Minimum Quantity

Setting a minimum quantity will require a certain amount of participants in order to book the price

Maximum Quantity

This field is useful when you want to force customers to purchase a specific price if they hit a certain threshold of participants. Imagine you have an individual and group rate. You would want to limit the individual quantity to not allow people to buy once they qualify for the group rate.

Deposit-Only Pricing

Using deposit-only pricing allows operators to gain commitment from their customers without requiring them to pay the full amount at the time of purchase. The system will automatically calculate the outstanding balance so that both the customer as well as operator are clearly aware of what is still owed.

Hidden Pricing

Hidden Prices allow for an operation to easily manage all of their different price points, even if some of those prices are only used internally. Hiding a price means that it is not visible to the end-customer on the website. Common use cases for this are early bird pricing, special pricing only visible to operators/agents/affiliates booking on behalf of customers, etc.

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Create custom pricing and availability based on operational needs with ease.

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