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Online Booking Scheduling Features

TRYTN offers the most customizable capability when listing tours and activities. Businesses can set schedules with multiple time slots that vary seasonally and even by specific days of the week. Additionally, pricing can be updated based on demand for days and times that are in high-demand. The platform also supports ‘Flexible Timing’ options which allow customers to book an activity that has a dynamic schedule. Never miss a booking because of your business’s flexible schedule. Shops are able to rely on the most customizable activity experience without creating unnecessary complexity by only enabling features they need.

Scheduling flexibility

Create multiple start and end times for each tour depending on how many times the activity is offered per day.
Set your calendar to display availability only on the days the activity is open for participation.
Create pricing that is unique depending on the day of the week. In the demonstration, select Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and notice the $75 price. Then click on Friday, Saturday or Sunday to see the increased price of $100.
Flexible Timing is used when an activity does not have a predetermined Start Time each day. Customers are reserving their space on a specific date, but the actual time of the activity either varies or is customized for each group/participant.

Online Booking Pricing Features

The TRYTN reservation system supports the most advanced set of features which allow businesses to offer a diverse range of checkout experiences based on merchant needs. As expected, multiple price tiers for an activity are supported for scenarios where, for example, child and adult pricing are present. Additionally, TRYTN supports assessing taxes and fees at an advanced level that is unparalleled in the activities industry. It is now possible to itemize individual taxes and fees on multiple levels. Costs then only apply at the line item in which these charges are applicable. This customizability has long been promised, but is fully supported and generally accessible using TRYTN. 

Pricing options for listings

Activity operators can easily offer unique price points on a per activity basis. Businesses are able to offer multiple price tiers for a single listing, such as adult and child pricing, at every applicable level.
Deposit Only Pricing allows operators to accept deposits for an activity at the time of reservation while clearly defining the Outstanding Balance that is to be a paid at a later date.
Itemize additional Taxes and Fees so that your customer can clearly visualize what is being added on to the cost of the activity at the time of checkout
Create promotion codes with custom redemption rules based on time of activity or time of purchase. Discounts can either be percentage based or a pre-set amount. Advanced settings support conditional rules that permit promotions such as BOGO’s and other more complex operations that are not typically supported by other booking systems.
Crossed-out promotional pricing allows activity operators to clearly illustrate online reservation discounts that incentivize directly booked, advanced purchases.

Collecting Customer Information at Checkout

Utilizing customizable customer questions, tour and activity operators have the opportunity to receive all necessary buyer information required to confirm a reservation at the time of purchase. With several available question formats, businesses can acquire all necessary customer information in a seamless checkout flow that actually increases conversion rates.

Types of buyer questions

Create conditional questions to acquire everything you need to know about online buyers.

Customizable Checkout Experience

• Take advantage of custom label pricing units to meet every unique business need (sell by participant, vehicle or any other product type).

• Use sub-descriptions to include all product information that can be selectively included in confirmation emails.

• With product attributes, businesses are able to tag products with additional descriptive details. Customers can then filter listings by type or category to find the exact experience they are searching for.

Create listings as unique as you

Customize pricing units to meet every business need. Shops can sell by participant, boat, vehicle or any other unit required
Include all product information organized in sub-descriptions which can then be selectively included in confirmation emails.
Product attributes allows businesses to add additional descriptive details about their products. By including these attributes, potential customers can filter listings by tag or category to quickly find the exact experience for which they are searching. This capability is particularly valuable for operations that offer a wide range of activities.

High Performance

Fastest load speed that is constantly being enhanced to maximize sales conversions


Create Custom Packages

• Create listings without set times to offer options such as custom packages and renewable memberships.

• Multiple day offerings can be listed alongside daily activities and merchandise. 

Complete Flexibility

Not every listing has a set time and date. By utilizing ‘Unscheduled Events’, it is possible to offer a range of products such as multiple day packages and memberships. This versatility is another example of a feature that is unsupported by other software providers.

Sell Merchandise and Upsell Activities

Offer more than just tours

TRYTN supports listings such as gift cards and merchandise alongside scheduled activities. This allows businesses to increase product sales & streamline inventory management within one system.

With TRYTN, it is no longer required to have multiple eCommerce platforms to run an activity business that sells merchandise.

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Focus on growing direct reservations by providing the most intuitive and customizable user experience for your customers

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