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Calendar Widget

We are extremely excited to announce our first dynamic widget for clients to add to their tour websites. As you can see with the example

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Multi-Day Events

TRYTN is constantly trying to improve both customer and operator user experiences all the time. One gap that we’ve had is the ability to support

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New Transactions Report

We recently released a new canned saved report that all businesses will receive by default. This report is titled “Transactions Report” and is found under

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Gift Certificates

We have released a better, more automated, and simpler way to create and manage gift cards from within TRYTN. You can now create a gift

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Customizing Booking Links

One of the most useful tools we’ve created to help tour operators quickly implement the TRYTN booking engine onto their website is the link generator.

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July 2020 Release Notes

This month has many updates and improvements specific to operator speed and efficiencies. Users can now be in POS mode, sell in the past, defaults

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